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2017 waugh 350Shawn and Bethany Waugh serve in Papua New Guinea.

Shawn and Bethany have served in the areas of evangelism, discipleship, church development, and field administration since being appointed in 2006. God called them to a land filled with beliefs in many gods and cultural ties so strong that deepening the people’s faith can be difficult. God is using them in PNG to raise up national pastors are well-equipped to evangelize and disciple their own people.

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Bethany: I grew up as a missionary kid in Papua New Guinea, arriving right after my third birthday. When I was 11, my family moved back to the United States to stay. But God had already used that time in PNG to open my eyes to the huge need for missionaries to share God’s love with people in PNG and around the world who do not have any other way of hearing about Him. Shawn and I met while attending Circleville Bible College (now Ohio Christian University), where I earned a degree in business.

As a missionary in PNG, I am the field treasurer for the mission, working each month to supply the missionaries with administrative support so they can perform their ministries. I also homeschool our three children and support the Bible college in PNG by doing maintenance and various other projects.

Shawn: I grew up in southeastern Ohio in a non-Christian home. Following high school, I joined the Marine Corps, returning to Ohio after my service. A friend who was aware of my love for sports told me about a church softball league. Through sports evangelism, I began attending church and came to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. After I became a Christian, God spoke to me about teaching His people. Through prayer and guidance, I was led to attend Circleville Bible College (now Ohio Christian University), where I completed two degrees, one in Christian Education and one in Intercultural Studies. 

In PNG, I am involved in evangelism, discipleship, and working with the national church. During our last term, I served as the Director of Christian Uion Bible College (CUBC). CUBC we provides training for men and women who desire to work in full-time ministry or to minister as lay people. When students arrive at CUBC, some of them do not even know how to read or write. Once they have mastered those skills, they are taught Bible study skills, preaching, theology, and some vocational skills. I was tasked with being the administrator, teaching classes, writing curriculum, purchasing books, serving as the nurse, purchasing food and supplies, handling IT, doing maintenance, serving as the project manager, and assisting with anything else that needed to be done for the college.

Shawn and Bethany were married in 2005 and commissioned as missionaries in 2006. They have three children: Abigail (Abby), James, and Josiah.

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