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CCCU Resources for You

CCCU Manual

CCCU Manual $15.00

$15 for the paperback version.  $5 for binder insert only.  Every leader, minister, and lay leader should have a copy of the latest Manual. 

This publications is essential for all individuals involved at the local, district, and general levels of The CCCU.

CCCU Yearbook 2021-2022 Edition

CCCU Yearbook 2021-2022 Edition $20.00

The 2021-2022 Yearbook is now available.  $20 for complete book, $15 for insert only or $10 for electronic version. No copying or reproducing. 

CCCU Yearbook 2021-2022 INSERT

CCCU Yearbook 2021-2022 INSERT $15.00

$15 for Yearbook insert onlyNo copying or reproducing. 

Living Legacies

Living Legacies $10.00

A brief history of the CCCU.

Required reading for ministerial students and a "must read" for every CCCU member.

Make this book part of your membership orientation.

What We Teach

What We Teach $1.50

A summary statement of the doctrines and theology of The Churches of Christ in Christian Union.

A great resource for visitor packets and for new converts, discipleship and spiritual personal development.

Discovering Holiness

Discovering Holiness $5.00

5 lesson workbook

Now 25% off

A Walk Through the Church

A Walk Through the Church $0.35

A quick introductory overview of The Churches of Christ in Christian Union.

A great resource for visitor packets.

Entire Sanctification Explained

Entire Sanctification Explained $0.10

This pamphlet by Dr. Thomas Hermiz is a great resource to help people understand the importance of entire sanctification.

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