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The offerings that are taken for the support of launching new churches are among one of the most important events of our church calendar year. According to Dr. Thomas Armiger the fastest growing mission field in the world is in North America. While Christianity is growing on every other continent, the Church is experiencing major decline in the United States and Canada. That’s why these offering appeals from the General Church Extension Department are so important.

The Churches of Christ in Christian Union has no greater task than starting new churches here in the United States. Every ounce of our effort, talent and resources needs invested in this ministry. It is time to hear the call of Jesus, leave the preoccupation and over consumption with mundane challenges and responsibilities of life and self-fulfillment and allow Him to create in us a greater more urgent desire to become “fishers of men.”

The General Church Extension Department is currently funding, has funded or assisted financially seven churches and/or projects this calendar year. The ministries of these efforts are producing real results and can continue with their outreach BECAUSE OF THESE OFFERINGS. It takes money, resources and gifted people to operate a successful church and ministry. Life changing events and transformed lives are among the results that these new churches experience and witness. People are being SAVED – transformed by the power of Christ. For what other reason do or should we exist?

This Spring Church Extension offering taken anytime during the month of April 2011 continues to perpetuate the ministries of these new congregations. When you give, you share in launching and share in the support of these new churches. Prayerfully consider the April 2011 Spring Church Extension Offering! The Lord only knows how many lives will be touched because of your generosity.


*Information regarding the state of Christianity in North America were taken from Dr. Thomas Armiger’s article, “Reaching the Cities of North America,” that appeared in the Winter 2010-11 issue of Wesleyan Life.