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I am very much aware that many who read this article are persuaded that all true believers will be raptured prior to the tribulation. It is certainly understandable because most of the popular books today and most of the Christian television and radio preachers subscribe to the position that the church will not go through the fires of the Great Tribulation.

In America it is rare to ever hear a minister take a different position on this very important subject. It is the prevailing position taken today, in most of our seminaries and Christian colleges. Many of these professors have been greatly influenced by the Schofield Bible.

Although, I am not personally convinced of this position, I sincerely hope they are right. I have no desire to experience the horrendous events that will take place on this earth during the Tribulation. However, you really need to be aware that the popular teaching concerning the Rapture taking place prior to the Tribulation could be wrong. Don't be deceived!

Long before this relatively new teaching came into popularity, the early church theologians took the position that the Church would go through the Tribulation. At the end of the Tribulation, Christ would return and establish His Kingdom on this earth for one thousand years.

It is important to know that many great and Godly Bible scholars take the position that the Church will go through all or most of the Tribulation. In reading their books you will find that they build powerful and Biblically based truths that support the position that the Church will go through the Tribulation.

I am genuinely concerned for all true Christians who are counting on a Rapture prior to the Tribulation. What will happen to those who have only been taught this one position if it turns out to be wrong? The prevailing characteristic of the Tribulation is 'DECEPTION." With the Church in America a mile wide and an inch deep, many will think they have been deceived. Rather than standing up and refusing to take the "Mark of the Beast" they will take the "Mark" and be forever damned.

My purpose in writing this article is to remind you that many Bible scholars take the position that the Church will go through the Tribulation. If they are right, we must go deeper in our faith. We must hide the "Word of God" deeply into our hearts and minds. During the Great Tribulation in order to buy or sell anything you will have to take the "Mark of the Beast". When you do, you have sold your soul to Satan himself. Go into a store to buy food and without the "Mark" you will go away hungry. Go into the pharmacy to purchase desperately needed medications and without the "Mark" you will go away empty handed.

Many who stand up for Christ and refuse the "Mark of the Beast" will either be beheaded or die from starvation. If one does not have a deep faith and some understanding of what is taking place, they will be deceived and will give into the anti-christ.

Both Israel and Jordan will refuse to come under the power and authority of the anti-christ. During this time the eyes of the Jewish people will be opened and according to scripture "all Israel will be saved."

I have no biblical basis for this one way or the other; however, it is my hope that there is enough Christian influence left in America that we also might refuse to give in to the anti-christ's one world government and economy. If so, we must first of all have a great spiritual awakening in our country very, very soon. We must repent and seek the face of God while it is yet day. Without question we are living in the end times.

You can anticipate that very soon there will be another great war in the Middle East. Russia, Germany, Iran, Turkey and Libya will join together to attack Israel. With divine intervention Israel will win this war. The other most significant sign to anticipate will be a powerful world leader signing a treaty with Israel to protect them for seven years. When that treaty goes into effect we will be in the Tribulation.

Are you ready? Christ will return in the "fullness of time." Don't be deceived! Just be aware that many brilliant and Godly theologians believe the Church will go through most or all of the Tribulation.