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Our 2017 Advent Offering

Last year was our first experience of having an Advent Offering which replaced our February Sacrifice Offering. What a thrill it was to receive nearly $67,000! This offering helps in providing disaster relief when such events occur on our mission fields. It also assists in the operational costs. This past year funds from this account enabled us to send finances to Yemen for the Humanitarian Relief and just recently, to our churches in the Caribbean region due to the damage from the hurricane.

Our theme for the offering this year is The Way in a Manger. Truly, He is the way and the truth and the life… John 14:6. Let’s not hold back in sharing The Way with friends, neighbors and those around the world. You may not feel called to another country to share The Way, but we can all lighten the load of those who have responded to the call God has given them. Let’s work at making this offering the best yet! The goal this year is to raise $75,000.

Your gift will make a difference today!

TiPS for Missions (Together in Prayerful Supplication)

TiPS LogoDecember 6, 2017

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Missionary Department

mary hermiz sept oct 2017Dear Prayer Supporters,

Change – Change – and more Change!
It was decided that a name change was needed for our weekly prayer requests. The title "Missionary Tidings" served us well for decades when we had our own magazine. Now it is time to change the name to something more appropriate. I love what the acronym stands for! Please join us in prayer for the needs of our missionaries.

Trusting Him,

Mary Hermiz
Interim General Missionary Superintendent

American Indian Field

~Steve and Debbie Cartwright - Praise the Lord for over 150 people who came to celebrate and rededicate the church at Siloam on November 12. This is the church that Tom Amlin and the work team did construction on.  Pray as they seek funding for Phase 2 that will include an addition and multiple handicap-accessible restrooms.
~An excellent 3-day celebration of 65 years of ministry was held November 10-12. Many people enjoyed a great time of fellowship and saw friends they had not seen in years.


~Mike and Donna Brown - Praise for two weeks of great ministry that Donna enjoyed as part of a medical campaign in southern Bolivia in November.  The team ministered in a number of small villages of the Guarani people!  “Wonderful” and “amazing” are a couple words Donna used to describe it all!  It was a great time of serving both body and soul in a very poor region of the country.  
~Praise the Lord for the construction work being done on the Los Piyos church. Mike preached there in November and was encouraged by the good response to the Word.
~Pray for Donna as she is now the new field treasurer. Pray that she will learn all the “ins and outs” of the job.
~Pray for God’s blessings on the graduates of the Bolivia Evangelical University who received their diplomas on Tuesday, December 5, as they move forward into the next phase of their lives.
~Pray for Mike while he is in the southern town of Bermejo December 6-11, preaching and teaching some theology classes in an extension study program.  
~The Bolivia field is in need of a Guest House host and hostess beginning in March or April of 2018. This is a volunteer ministry. If you or someone you know are interested in knowing more about this position please inquire at World Gospel Mission, P.O. Box 948, Marion, IN 46952;  Phone: (765) 664-7331; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Papua New Guinea

~Benji and Erica Jenkins - We are praising God for the Christian Union Bible College graduation. Six students graduated, representing four different areas within the highlands of PNG.
~Please pray for local believers to be strengthened in their faith.  They need the Holy Spirit to help them stand strong. There is an increase in the number of innocent women and children being accused of sorcery.  We need God to raise up his people to speak truth.
~Continue to pray for Benji has he juggles field leadership responsibilities, advises the church medical board, and attends several meetings with the PNG church leadership during the two month break from teaching at the college.

~Butch and Leatha Jenkins - Praise the Lord that the 100 SD cards have arrived in PNG. They have been loaded with a full English Bible, a full Pidgin Bible, the Angal Enen New Testament (Ruth Tipton’s translation), over 300 songs in the 3 languages, the Water of Life devotional in Pidgin and the 68 lessons from creation to the cross by New Tribes.  These will fit in cell phones. 
~Pray for new students from our churches to apply to our Bible School for the 2018 school year. 


~Mark and Bev Donahue - Thank you for praying for the recruiting trip that the General Director of Asuncion Christian Academy (ACA) made in November. He returned to Paraguay with 60 names to keep in contact with as potential future teachers at ACA. Pray that the ones God wants to join us will sense His calling.
~Continue to pray for the salvation of Renato.
~Pray for the Vacation Bible Schools that will be held during the month of December. Pray for those planning the VBS as well as the children who will attend. Pray that many of the children will come to know Jesus as Savior.
~Pray for the remaining financial support that the Donahues need. They have tickets to return to Paraguay on January 11, 2018.
~Pray for Andres in his studies at Asbury University.

General Prayer Requests

~Pray for political stability in the countries that have recently had political elections: Honduras, Kenya, and Papua New Guinea.
~Pray for a good Advent Offering for our General Missionary Department. This offering is used when there are natural disasters on our fields and for the operational costs of running the department.

Now Available for Missionary Services (with phone numbers and date HMA is complete):

1. Tom Amlin, volunteer, American Indian Field - 937-631-0122
2. Mark and Susana Bev Donahue, Paraguay - 937-815-6184 - HMA Completion Date: January 2018
3. Mary Hermiz-retired missionary to PNG and Kenya -740-777-7661
4. Rev. Bob Jones, former missionary to PNG -740-288-5965
5. John and Priscilla Kunkle, U.S. Hispanic Ministries - 956-319-7681 - HMA Completion Date: May 2018
6. Rev. Steve Palmer, work team leader -740-412-1224
7. Greg and Teresa Leeth, Missionary Pastors -740-804-1084
8. Shawn and Bethany Waugh, Papua New Guinea -740-601-6985 - HMA Completion Date: early Summer 2018
9. Special Assignment Missionaries - HMA Completion Date: November 2017 - Contact the General Missionary Department for more information.
10. Dan and Peggy Zimmerman, U.S. Hispanic Ministries - 612-412-2384

Lending Library Information - The library is operated by the Christian Education Department.
You may request a resource by calling 937-695-0025 or e-mailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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