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TiPS LogoJune 5, 2019

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Missionary Department

Michael Tipton HeadshotDear Prayer Supporters,

Thank you for your fervent Great Commission prayers! The prayers of the Church are the primary fuel for all missionary endeavors. Please join us in prayer for the needs of our missionaries below. Passionate prayer changes the world.

Trusting Him,

Michael Tipton
General Missionary Superintendent

Papua New Guinea

~Shawn & Bethany Waugh - Please pray for one of our Christian Union Bible College (CUBC) students named Anna. She is very sick, but her doctors do not know what is causing her illness. Anna is in her final year of training at CUBC. She desperately wants to get better so that she can finish her studies and begin a new phase of ministry.
-Please pray for Shawn and Bethany as they have been enduring long power outages, periods with no running water, and appliance failures in recent days. Pray for the Lord to strengthen and encourage them during this difficult time.

Updates and Continued Prayer Requests:

-Thank you for praying for Seth and Veronica Porter’s daughter, Elaina. Her ophthalmologist appointment in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, went very well, and no major issues were found!
-Elaina’s recent vision problems were a combination of several small treatable issues occurring at once. She has begun treatment, and her vision is expected to return to normal. Praise the Lord!
-Please continue to pray for a strong 2019 Kid Power Offering! Pray that adults and children would learn the importance of generous giving. We are trusting the Lord for a great offering to help fund our Great Commission ministries!
-Pray for our upcoming Missionary Rallies and events: Global Impact Rally at Mount of Praise Camp Meeting (June 18), West Central District Missionary Rally (July 14), South Central District Missionary Rally (Tuesday, July 23), and Northeast District Lily Lake Missionary Rally and Banquet (July 25).
-Don’t forget to join with us as we support World Gospel Mission’s Day of Prayer on June 10th. Pray on June 10th for mission fields and ministries around the world!
-Each hour will be dedicated to a different mission field. Follow WGM's Facebook page and interact with their posts to let us know you’re praying!

Missionaries available for services:

-Greg & Teresa Leeth (Pastors to Missionaries) 740-804-1084
-Tom Amlin (American Indian Field) 937-631-0122
-Jonathan Taylor, Creative Access (Call Missionary Department at 740-474-8856)
-Weadette Burge (Paraguay) 740-335-1564
-Doug & Becky Darfus (American Indian Field) 614-203-0494
-Benji & Erica Jenkins (Papua New Guinea) 74—606-9895
-Butch & Leatha Jenkins (Special Assignment) 740-601-0942

 Other Available Missionary Speakers:

-Dr. Mary Hermiz (Interim Missionary Supt. and former missionary) 740-777-7661
-Rev. Bob Jones (former missionary to Papua New Guinea) 740-710-8493
-Rev. Steve Palmer (work team leader) 740-412-1224
-Rev. Scott Polley (168 IF ministry leader) 614-558-3790
-Rev. Michael Tipton (General Missionary Superintendent) 740-474-8856

Lending Library Information - The library is operated by the Christian Education Department.

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