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Missionary Department

mary hermiz sept oct 2017Dear Prayer Supporters,

Change – Change – and more Change!
It was decided that a name change was needed for our weekly prayer requests. The title "Missionary Tidings" served us well for decades when we had our own magazine. Now it is time to change the name to something more appropriate. I love what the acronym stands for! Please join us in prayer for the needs of our missionaries.

Trusting Him,

Mary Hermiz
Interim General Missionary Superintendent

American Indian Field

-Steve and Debbie Cartwright - Please pray for our oldest daughter, Stephanie. She had a diabetes-related rupture in her right eye and now has a pool of blood blocking her vision. She will have eye surgery on Friday, Feb. 23.


-Mike and Donna Brown - Pray for the country both socially and politically. There are hurting people following 48 reported deaths from carnival “celebrations” last week.
-Pray for the many hurting people in various regions of the country that have suffered severe flooding in recent days.
-This week on Wednesday (the 21st) a nation-wide strike is planned to protest a reelection bid by the president.
-Pray for a university board meeting on Friday (the 23rd) at the Bolivia Evangelical University.
-Pray for Mike in his preparations for upcoming classes at Berea Bible Seminary. His scheduled trip to San Borja in northern Bolivia was postponed until April due to heavy rains in that region, but beginning March 5, he begins teaching a theology course on campus in Santa Cruz.
-Continue to pray for Donna who also continues preparations for serving as the field treasurer..

Papua New Guinea

-Jim and Becka Johnson - Praise the Lord that Becka has completed physical therapy for her ankle. Ryan has recovered from his tonsillectomy. We have tickets to leave Ohio on March 7th. We are doing many things these next couple of weeks. We’d appreciate your prayers and support as we finish our ‘last things list’ and as we pack suitcases and get with family and friends.
-Butch & Leatha Jenkins - Please pray for our prayer and support team. Many are losing loved ones, others are experiencing physical problems and most are carrying a heavy burden of some sort. We want to praise God, as He continually hears and acts on our behalf and for the sake of our team.

Kenya - Tenwek Hospital

-Update on the fire that happened on February 7th: The clean up has begun. It looks like the major walls and floors can be salvaged. The laundry and sterilization equipment survived which is a huge blessing.
-Tenwek has insurance on the building. However, insurance in Africa isn’t the same as in America but it should help since the rebuild estimate is $1.1 million.
-As of this week about $61,000 has been raised for the recovery effort.
-If you'd like to give towards recovery efforts online, gifts can be given here: 

Missionaries available for services:

-Dan & Peggy Zimmerman (U.S. Hispanic Ministries) 612-412-2384
-Shawn & Bethany Waugh (Papua New Guinea) 740-601-6985
-Greg & Teresa Leeth (Pastors to Missionaries) 740-804-1084
-John Taylor, Special Assignment (Call Missionary Department at 740-474-8856)
-Doug & Becky Darfus (American Indian Field) 614-203-0494
-Butch & Leatha Jenkins (Papua New Guinea) 740-601-0942

Other Available Missionary Speakers:

-Dr. Mary Hermiz (Interim Missionary Supt. and former missionary) 740-777-7661
-Rev. Bob Jones (former missionary to Papua New Guinea) 740-710-8493
-Rev. Steve Palmer (work team leader) 740-412-1224

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