The Churches of Christ in Christian Union

New CCCU Churches

Planting new churches is the most effective evangelistic strategy in the world. Thus, it is central to our purpose. Below are updates on new church plants and recently established CCCU churches.

Launched and Funding

Hispanic Ministries - East Central Ohio - Dan & Peggy Zimmerman

Veteran missionaries Dan and Peggy Zimmerman, through World Gospel Mission, the CCCU General Missionary department and the General Church Extension department, launch a new Hispanic ministry in central Ohio. Due to the developing nature of this ministry, an exact location cannot be announced at this time. As Dan and Peggy make contacts and develop this ministry, their goal is to establish a new Hispanic congregation. Please pray that the details for their outreach continue to develop and comes the fruition.

Flemingsburg, Kentucky - Pastor Donnie Reed

For over a year the Maysville, KY CCCU church prayed about a possible church plant in Flemingsburg, KY. In April Donnie and Amy Reed agreed to begin a prayer group that met at their home each Monday. Through that prayer meeting, God began to speak to Donnie about planting a new church in his hometown with Maysville CCCU serving as the host church. The new church launched this fall (2012) with service being held in a rented space. The harvest truly is ripe and this was the time for to respond. Please pray with us as Donnie and Amy, along with a core group of 25-30 people reach out in Fleming County Kentucky. You can follow the progress of this new work on Facebook.

Flemingsburg CCCU
Double S Entertainment
150 Foster Street
Flemingsburg, KY

Madison, Ohio Lifeline Church - Pastor Evan Nunnally

Lifeline Church is the third church that pastor Evan Nunnally has planted. The church building (current meeting location) was sitting vacant and previously occupied by an Episcopal Church. With the leadership of Rev. Joe Duvall and pastor Dale Diggs, Lifeline purchased and renovated the entire building. From the electrical to the carpet, much of the building received upgrades and repairs. On June 3, 2012 the church opened for their first service. 145 people came to see and experience what Jesus was doing in Madison, Ohio. On that very first day, six people came to the altar. Our hope is that this is just the beginning of what Jesus Christ is going to do at Lifeline Church.

Lifeline Church
5236 Middle Ridge Road
Madison, Ohio 44057

Launched and Growing

Staten Island, New York - Pastor Linus Saile

The Christian Union Church of Staten Island organized and officially launch on March 6, 2011. Through the vision of Miller Evangelical Church in Brooklyn and God's call on Linus and Marie Saile, the congregation continues to experience consistent growth and provide a vital ministry to this beautiful burro of New York City. The Saile family are on a mission for Christ sharing His word and building His kingdom. Pray that the Holy Spirit take charge and lead this ministry and for God's anointing as they seek to win souls for Christ. We pray that God will prepare hearts of those He gives them the privilege to meet and minister. Pray for God's protection and that all financial needs are supplied. The church is located at 199 Victory Blvd., Staten Island, NY.

Staten Island Christian Union Church
26 New Street
Staten Island, New York 10302

Hampton, Virginia Hampton Holiness Chapel - Pastor Gus Diggs

Hampton Holiness Chapel welcomes all with open arms and loving hearts. We are a body of believers from various walks of life with a desire to offer the uncompromised gospel of Jesus Christ and a place of worship where all may find love, acceptance and forgiveness. Each service is centered around Jesus Christ and Spirit-filled preaching. Pastor Gus has taught the Word of God for over 30 years and his messages are Christ-centered and practical for all believers. Our ministry is all about Jesus and what he wants to do in the lives of his people.

Hampton Holiness Chapel
1465 W. Mercury Blvd
Hampton, Virginia 23666

Jacksonville, Florida The Master's House International - Pastor Gideon Charles

The Master's House International is the fourth church plant by Dr. Dave Lawson. God connected pastor Dave's vision with the calling of pastor Gideon Charles. Gideon pastored and led congregations throughout the Caribbean and in the United States. In 2010, a core group began meeting on Sunday afternoons at Christ Fellowship Church. The church soon began renovating a small business space transforming the space from a coffee shop to a sanctuary of praise. On December 25, 2011, The Master's House International celebrated their first service. They have welcomed many from the community to experience the presence of God. We praise God for the life transformation. By God's grace, we look forward to all God is and will continue to do through The Master's House International.

The Master's House International
9016 Lem Turner Road
Jacksonville, Florida 32208

For further information on any of our new CCCU churches, please contact the General Secretary's Office for the General Church Extension Department at the Global Ministry Center or your local Church Extension President.