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2018 Mission Minded Men Annual Project

Our goal this year is to reach the nation of Paraguay by helping missionaries learn Guarani (gwahr-uh-nee), the heart language of 80% of Paraguayans. Specifically, we want to raise $15,000 and work teams to help construct housing at the Guarani-Jopara Language Institute where missionaries will live while learning Guarani.

Our theme this year is “Learning to Communicate.”  You may not feel called to another country to share the Gospel, but we can all lighten the load of those who have responded to the call God has given them. Your gift will make a difference today!



TiPS for Missions (Together in Prayerful Supplication)

TiPS LogoApril 25, 2018

Mailing Address:
CCCU Global Ministry Center
Missionary Department
1553 Lancaster Pike
Circleville, OH 43113

Missionary Department

Michael Tipton HeadshotDear Prayer Supporters,

Change – Change – and more Change!
It was decided that a name change was needed for our weekly prayer requests. The title "Missionary Tidings" served us well for decades when we had our own magazine. Now it is time to change the name to something more appropriate. I love what the acronym stands for! Please join us in prayer for the needs of our missionaries.

Trusting Him,

Michael Tipton
General Missionary Superintendent

American Indian Field

~Mike and Donna Brown - Mike had a great ministry trip to San Borja, Bolivia, teaching classes on the book of Acts to a group of students in the seminary extension program and preaching at our local church.
-Mike preached at another of our churches in the city of Trinidad. This church is about three years old, pastored by one of Mike’s students from 22 years ago! Thank the Lord for the six people who stepped forward to pray at the invitation.
-Donna has been progressing well in her new work as the field treasurer. It remains a very big job and is always on-going work, so she will continue to appreciate your prayers for that important ministry.
-Mike and Donna both continue to support the “Los Piyos” church on the outskirts of Santa Cruz. Steady progress has been made on the new sanctuary and they’ve been seeing some good numbers in the services there.
-On April 28, Mike will be flying with our field director to the far northern city of Cobija, Bolivia, a city on the border of Brazil. They will spend the weekend there celebrating with the believers the anniversary of the ministry that our national church began there five years ago.

Papua New Guinea

~Butch and Leatha Jenkins - Pray for the work team responding to the earthquake disaster in Papua New Guinea (PNG).
-They departed Monday evening and arrived in PNG this morning, April 25th.
-The team members are Butch Jenkins, Michael Hunter, Aaron Gouge, Jacob Gouge, and Bill Bucher.
-Pray for additional travel into the Southern Highlands, as well as strength, wisdom and resources to repair the damage.
~Jim and Becka Johnson - Pray for the work team making repairs to home where our missionaries Seth and Veronica Porter lived prior to the earthquake on February 26th.
-The team will work to reset the home on a new foundation.
-Pray for the safety of the team, missionaries, and others helping with this project, and for safe travel while they are in PNG.

CCCU Missions Banquet

-Praise the Lord for an outstanding CCCU Missions Banquet! There was a wonderful spirit at the banquet and great attendance.
-Praise the Lord for $28,435 given for the Mission Minded Men Annual Project, far exceeding the $15,000 goal!
-These funds will help construct housing at the Guarani-Jopara Language Institute where missionaries will live while learning Guarani. There is no doubt that these funds will have a dynamic spiritual impact on the nation of Paraguay.
-Celebrate with us the great thing God has done in our midst!

Missionaries available for services:

-Shawn & Bethany Waugh (Papua New Guinea) 740-601-6985
-Jonathan Taylor, Special Assignment (Call Missionary Department at 740-474-8856)
-Greg & Teresa Leeth (Pastors to Missionaries) 740-804-1084
-Butch & Leatha Jenkins (Papua New Guinea) 740-601-0942
-Doug & Becky Darfus (American Indian Field) 614-203-0494
-Tom Amlin (American Indian Field) 937-631-0122

Other Available Missionary Speakers:

-Dr. Mary Hermiz (Interim Missionary Supt. and former missionary) 740-777-7661
-Rev. Bob Jones (former missionary to Papua New Guinea) 740-710-8493
-Rev. Steve Palmer (work team leader) 740-412-1224
-Rev. Michael Tipton (General Missionary Superintendent) 740-474-8856

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