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April 2017

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Missionary Department

~How we praise the Lord for our Advent offering that now totals $64,978.72. Glory to God in the Highest!
~Please put Saturday, April 29 on your calendar for our 2017 CCCU Missions Banquet sponsored by our Mission Minded Men. It will again be at our Circleville Crossroads Church with David Hawk, missionary to Honduras as the speaker and special music by Ablaze from OCU. Please contact us at 740-474-8856 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to reserve your tickets by Monday, April 24. If distance keeps you from our banquet, please remember that you can join us on live stream at www.crossroadscircleville.com and click on watch a sermon. The live streaming will begin at 6:00 PM.
~Dr. David Lattimer has announced his resignation as the General Missionary Supt. as of the Mount of Praise Camp Meeting in June. Please pray for our General Board of Trustees as they appoint the one who will serve the three years of Dr. Lattimer's unexpired term.

CCCU Missionaries serving on Homeland Ministry Assignment and Speakers available for services and meetings:

1. Tom Amlin-volunteer, American Indian Field-937-631-0122
2. Mary Hermiz-retired missionary to PNG and Kenya-740-777-7661
3. Jim and Becka Johnson-PNG missionaries-740-412-9302
4. Rev. Bob Jones-former missionary to PNG-740-288-5965
5. Dr. David Lattimer-General Missionary Supt.-740-412-1931
6. Greg and Teresa Leeth-Missionary Pastors-740-222-2907
7. Rev. Steve Palmer-work team leader-740-412-1224
8. Dan and Peggy Zimmerman-U.S. Hispanic Ministries-612-412-2384

American Indian Field

~Tom Amlin is thanking the Lord for his last three weeks on the Gila River reservation working on the remodeling of the Siloam church pastored by Steve and Debbie Cartwright. He is praising the Lord for Rev. Dan Jordan and his work team from Xenia Grace Chapel for all their help. Tom is now back in Ohio to hold services and seek new partners for his ministry.
~Steve and Debbie Cartwright ask that we pray for the remodeling of the Siloam church now underway which will make it handicap accessible for the Gila River Indian Community. Pray as well for the Leaders in Training camp for Native teens April 21-23 and for the Cartwright's ministry account which has been short of their pledged funding for several months now.


~Mike and Donna Brown are so thankful for the recent visit of Dan Schafer, the new WGM President, his wife Pam and their regional leaders that provided much encouragement. They request prayer as they continue their work with the Los Piyo church where Donna is helping with the music and children's ministry. They hope to raise funds for the new sanctuary needed there. Mike needs prayer for his numerous preaching services in April including meetings in the Guarayos region during the Easter weekend. He begins teaching a theology course at the Berea Bible Seminary on April 3.


~David and Debbie Hawk are praising the Lord for the DNA Global Forum with its many testimonies of how God is transforming lives and nations through His church. Please pray for the Honduras annual field conference April 6-8 and for the ministry of Greg and Teresa Leeth at the conference. Finally, please pray for David who will be the speaker at our CCCU Missions banquet on April 29 at Circleville Crossroads.
~Terry and Colleen Hawk are thanking the Lord for a great trip visiting the WGM missionaries in Mexico and on the Texas/Mexican border during which they traveled 4200 miles. They are excited about how God is using His missionaries there. Please pray for these missionaries, for the national pastors and especially for the courage and protection they need to minister where the Lord is so desperately needed.
~Tim and Aleyda Spetnagel are praising the Lord that the new nursing school is going well. It has been started on mission property there in Choluteca, but will need to be moved in the future. The property next to the mission property is now for sale. Please pray for the wisdom and the resources needed to proceed. Aleyda is doing well with her pregnancy. Please continue to pray for her.

Missionary Pastors

~Greg and Teresa Leeth need our prayers as they return from Arizona on April 2 and then must leave for a week in Honduras for the annual field conference. Please pray for strength as they travel and for anointing on their ministry to the missionaries there. They then return to their ministry of traveling among our churches.

Papua New Guinea

~Benji and Erica Jenkins are thanking the Lord for all the work accomplished and the encouragement provided by the work team from Walnut Hill and Heritage Memorial Church. Please pray that others will see how much good these teams do and organize one from their church. What a blessing they are! Please pray for the students at our Bible School who are now in the last week of their first term and thus are finishing assignments and preparing for their exams.
~Butch and Leatha Jenkins are praising the Lord that the PNG health department distributed medicines to the outstations this month. Please pray for the leader needed at the Pomberal Health Center. PNG election time comes in June. It is a tense, explosive time. Pray for a calm election this time. They are also thanking the Lord for the work team from Walnut Hill and Heritage Memorial.
~Jim and Becka Johnson are so grateful that their cash need is now just $3,000, but they still need $1585 in monthly support. Jim has had a knee replacement, but continues to have problems with the other knee which now must be treated before returning to PNG. Please pray for guidance and the finances needed to make this happen.
~Seth and Veronica Porter are thanking the Lord for the recent women's crusade held at Montanda which resulted in 12 new converts and other commitments made to the Lord. They too were blessed by the work of the team from Walnut Hill and Heritage Memorial. Please pray for Seth as he begins three projects including two churches and a two story classroom building there at Montanda and continues to preach among churches in their district.
~Shawn and Bethany Waugh are rejoicing for his successful back surgery and request your prayers as he heals and rehabs. They are on medical leave until May when they hope to begin HMA.


~Weadette Burge is thankful for the completion of the document for the Ministry of Education, her opportunity to teach at the Buenas Nuevas church, the progress made in painting the rooms where the air conditioners were replaced at the guest house and the good feedback from their recent Missionary Ladies Retreat. She asks that we pray that in the many upcoming activities they will not get so caught up in the planning that they forget why this is being done and for whom. These activities include the song book that is needed, the preparation of Sunday School lessons, the scanning of legal documents and additional guest house improvements.
~Mark and Bev Donahue are praising the Lord for helping Bev as she led worship and spoke at the Missionary Ladies Retreat with 30 ladies from various parts of Paraguay. They also are thanking the Lord for the recent visit by a candidate for the position of General Director of the Asuncion Christian Academy and for the Directors' unanimous decision to invite him to serve and his acceptance. They thank the Lord for protection as Andres spent his spring break with a team of nine from Asbury who ministered in song to various churches in Tampa, Florida. Please pray for the VISION Conference in Asuncion slated for May 12-15 with David Hawk and a Honduran worker. Pray that those attending will be receptive to the challenge of reaching out to their neighborhoods with a holistic approach to sharing the gospel. Please pray as they prepare to return to the U.S. in June for a six month HMA and for Andres' as he raises funds to be part of a WGM Task Force team that will minister in Mendoza, Argentina in the month of May. Again they ask that we pray for the salvation of their friend Renato.

Special Assignment

~This family needs our prayers for wisdom and the Lord's guidance as they make future plans concerning their family and their ministry. Please pray for a young man whom the father is mentoring who is working with a national friend weighing the decision to follow Christ. This young man will head up an outreach to refugees from their former host country who now live in a nearby African country. The father of this family will be in the U.S. during the last two weeks of April and will be meeting several churches and small groups concerning his ministry and its needs. Meetings are now planned at Columbus Valley View, the CCCU Global Ministry Center, Crossroads church and the Daybreak church. If you would like to schedule such a small group meeting, please contact Scott Polley at 614-558-3790 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Please remember to be careful not to publish anything about them or their work and use caution when talking about them. Never refer to them on any social media.

Texas/Mexico Border

~John and Priscilla Kunkle are praising the Lord that Jesse whom they had requested prayer for is back with his wife. Jesse does maintenance and garden work with John and continues to need prayer for a complete healing of his marriage. They need prayer for some major changes being made on their field, for their preparation for HMA beginning in June when they will be visiting our CCCU camps and churches and for their children especially Jonathan who will be graduating in May.

U.S. Hispanic Ministries

~Dan and Peggy Zimmerman are thankful for four new people attending the Bible Study at Washington CH, the many good conversations about the Lord at the Flea Market, the new Hispanics they are meeting through the food pantry ministry and for Santiago who returned from Mexico and is applying for citizenship. They need our prayers for several in their groups and the Joan Heights church who are going through biopsies, surgeries and treatments for cancer, for James and Naomi the newlyweds, for good results in the blood tests of Pastor Ed Zickafoose, for growth in their Bible Study groups and the support needed to maintain a healthy balance in their ministry account.

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