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The Ministry of Pentecost Continues: The 2018 Spring Offering for Church Extension

The General Church Extension Department is excited to announce the Spring 2018 Church Extension Offering.  Churches across the denomination will begin receiving this offering to launch new churches, support the training of church planters, assist church plants with start up costs, and enable new churches to launch effectively.

One of the most important ministries we do as a denomination involves the establishment of new churches. Through our efforts in launching new churches, we together reach new communities for Christ. Since evangelism is the life-line of new congregations, many unchurched people come to know Jesu as their personal Savior. You are a very important part of all we are able to do in planting new churches. Without your prayers and financial support, it would be impossible to start new churches. Three is nothing more exciting or rewarding than seeing a new baby church come alive.

On February 18, 2018, Rev. Frank Skies and I had the privilege of officially installing our new church in Tucson, AZ. I encourage you to watch the video below to see the installation service and the official organization of the church. It was an exciting day! We met many wonderful people that are now a part of our CCCU family.

Wouldn’t you like to share in this ministry? You can, and here’s how. Over the next few weeks our churches will be taking our annual Church Extension offering. We are encouraging churches to take the offering on Pentecost Sunday, May 20, 2018. How fitting it is for us to receive this offering on that historic day of the church. Not only did God pour out His Holy Spirit cleansing the believer’s hearts from sin, but the first church was launched in Jerusalem with 3,000 converts coming to the Lord after Peter’s powerful sermon. From that day forward, churches have sprung up all around the world. Today is no different! We need you to participate in this offering so that churches in America and around the world can be launched for His honor and glory until Jesus’ return. If everyone reading this article would just give $10 in this special offering, we could start many more new churches. Join us! You can make your gift today by clicking on the "Donate" button below. The greatest hope of the world is Jesus Christ. It all began at Pentecost and we have the privilege and opportunity to continue and participate in that on-going ministry.

God bless you as you prayerfully and generously share in this offering. For Jesus’ sake, help us build the kingdom of God.

Click below to download the 2018 Church Extension Spring Offering Poster! For more information about how to promote, participate, and contribute to Church Extension, please contract the Church Extension Department at 740-474-8856, or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Calvary Fellowship CCCU - Tucson, Arizona

Calvary Fellowship CCCU

Calvary Fellowship CCCU - Installation Service
Dr. Ralph Hux, Pastor David Rey,
and Northeast District Superintendent Rev. Frank Skies

Calvary Fellowship CCCU Pastor David Rey

Calvary Fellowship CCCU - Charter Members

Calvary Fellowship CCCU Charter Members

Calvary Fellowship CCCU - Installation Service

Calvary Fellowship CCCU Installation Service