The Churches of Christ in Christian Union

Papua New Guinea: Gene Mattox

Mattox Gene 2019I am a Christian seeking to follow God’s will. That being said, I center all of my life around how it affects my walk with Jesus. In the past few years, I have developed skills in teaching and preaching. My goal in life is to bring people closer to Jesus Christ. It is not that I am fanatical, but that I have brought my life in line with the work of Christ in my life. In short, I am a person who wants my life to count for Christ in every aspect.

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I have been called to fulfill the second part of the Great Commission so my students can fulfill the first. The Great commission has two parts—to baptize in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; and to teach them to observe all that Jesus commanded. I am training pastors and Christian workers in the college—the second part of the Great Commission—so they will be better equipped to go out and minister to others and bring them to Christ.

My primary ministry at the Christian Union Bible College in Papua New Guinea will be assisting the faculty and staff teaching and preparing the national pastors. And I will be serving as a teacher. The courses range from basic Bible and Inductive Bible Study courses for individual books of the Bible, to Church history and theological studies. The curriculum also includes leadership and spiritual formation courses.