Welcome to the Northeast District

52 Million people are represented in the Northeast District and Arizona . This is 16% of America's population. These are 52 million people who may be introduced to Jesus Christ, through the churches and the people of the Northeast District. The harvest truly is great, and ready. Beautiful mountains, bustling cities, and the shores of the Atlantic dot the landscape of our area.

TheNortheast Districtis a missional district devoted to developing and multiplying healthy churches that fulfill the Great commandment and the Great commission in their communities andaround the world. We are a family of23 congregations located in New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and Massachusetss, and Arizona.In 2010, the Northeast District welcomedchurches to its ranks from Arizona, in an effort to give better care and administration to those congregations.Our churches are located in our major cities, towns, villages and country side. They vary in size, age, worship style, and provide a wide range of ministries. What binds us together is an unwavering commitment to reaching the lost.

It is our firm conviction that God wants to see theNortheast Districtgrow.Whilewe are considering multiple opportunities in a variety of communities, God is calling us to the city and we are going! We currently have church plants in both New York City and Boston, Massachusetss. If God stirs your heart to enlist with a team sold out to the mission of Christ's kingdom join us in the greatest of all adventures.

We invite you to tour our site and we hope you'll find out everything you need to know about us. Please note that some areas are still under construction. Our desire is to have an interactive, inspirational and informative site that will be useful to you. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to conact us.

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